Students absent from class six (6) consecutive class sessions are dropped automatically from class rolls. Any number of absences which interfere with academic progress may be grounds for excluding a student from class. A student who registers for a class and does not show up for the class by the third meeting will be withdrawn from class.

Time missed from class due to tardiness will be deducted on the following basis:

  • Tardy over 15 minutes – one half hour deducted
  • Tardy over 45 minutes – one hour deducted

Students applying for or receiving financial aid have specific attendance requirements. The policies pertaining to attendance for financial aid recipients are distributed to each student by the Financial Aid Office when they apply for aid.

Students displaying excessive tardiness may be referred for counseling. If they do not improve, they may be placed on probation and/or dropped from the class.

Attendance policies for veterans receiving benefits for attending school are covered in a brochure distributed to each veteran at the time of enrollment. These brochures are available in the registration department and may be obtained upon request.

Read the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Post Secondary Code of Student Conduct.