Students who transfer between programs do so by seeing a counselor and initiating a “Request for Transfer” form. This form is signed by the counselor and both sending and receiving instructors. The form is taken back to the counselor and the Student Services Administrator, who approves or disapproves the transfer. If approved, the student is directed to the registration office where the transfer is processed. Students transferring to a higher priced class will be required to pay the difference at the time of the transfer. Students transferring to a lower-priced class will:

  • WILL BE entitled to a refund of the difference if transfer occurs within two weeks from the date of registration.
  • WILL NOT be entitled to a refund if transfer occurs after two weeks from the date of registration. If a student has received a refund for a class and wishes to re-enroll, the student’s tuition will be charged according to the fee schedule in effect at that time.

Students desiring to be transferred from other institutions must request an official copy of their transcript from the sending institution. The transcript is then evaluated to determine appropriate placement and number of credits accepted. The student would then be directed to complete the enrollment process for the requested program.