Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, is created from the questions most asked by people interested in Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College, whether they are seeking information on registration, courses or employment. Check the FAQ for answers to your questions. If the answer isn’t here, send us an e-mail, phone us or visit the campus.

What Are Your Hours?
Adult program course hours are generally 8:30 am to 2:10 pm for daytime programs and 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm for evening programs. However, some courses have alternate schedules. It is always best to determine the courses you are interested in and then speak with an admissions counselor to get specific information on that particular program.

When Do Courses/Trimesters Begin?
Courses at The Center are operated on a trimester basis. Each trimester is approximately four months long. Trimesters begin in early January, late April and late August. Some classes and courses have special starting times or dates. It is always best to check with The Center’s admissions counselor or the course’s instructor for specific information on the particular program. More information can be obtained by looking at the Miami-Dade County Public Schools calendars. Click the link for the appropriate year’s “Workforce Development Education Calendar (Adult Ed)”.

How Do I Get Directions To MLEC&TC?
That’s an easy one! You can get directions online from MapQuest by clicking Directions and filling in the form to tell them where you are. Once you’ve entered your address, just click the “Get Directions” button. We’ve already filled in the address for you. Alternatively, you can call The Center and ask for directions.

Is There Bus Transportation To MLEC&TC?
The well known yellow school buses that K-12 students ride to school are not available to adult students. However, the Miami-Dade County Metropolitan Transit Agency provides regular bus service to Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College. Detailed information can be obtained by visiting the MTA Website or contacting an MTA customer representative by dialing 305.770.3131. If you are south of S.W. 216th street, dial 305.891.3131. Metrobus routes serving Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College include routes 29 and 75.

What Are The Entry Requirements?
For most adult programs at Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College, you must be at least 16 years of age and not enrolled in any high school. If you do not have an Associate of Arts, Bachelors or higher degree from an accredited college or university, you will be required to be tested in math, language and reading. Some programs require an interview with the department chairperson prior to registration.

Can I Register Without A Social Security Card/Number?
Yes. You may register without a Social Security Card. As a matter of fact, a social security number is not required for enrollment. However, providing a social security number will allow us to better serve you in determining special funding and financial aid opportunities available. Any of the following are acceptable as proof of a valid social security number in lieu of an original Social Security card:

  • A preprinted IRS W-2 form with the student’s legal name.
  • A pay stub from an employer with the SSN and the student’s legal name preprinted.
  • A driver’s license with the SSN and the student’s legal name preprinted.

I’m A VISA Student, Do I Need To Do Anything Special?
Yes. All Visa students or non-U.S. citizens must be processed through the Foreign Student Office prior to reporting to Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College for registration. Inquiries should be directed to:

Foreign Student Advisor
489 East Drive
Miami Springs, Florida 33166
(305) 883-1445

I’m Not A U.S. Citizen, Do I Need To Do Anything Special?
Be aware that visa/foreign student fees are assessed by the District, and may vary depending on the length and type of training program. Additionally, visa students are not permitted to enroll in any program that requires students to be gainfully employed as a part of the training. Visa students without the United States Social Security Number will be required to obtain an Alien Identification Number.

Are Course Credits Transferable?
In many cases, credits earned at MLEC&TC can be transferred to other institutions of higher learning. Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College has established articulation agreements with several schools, including Miami-Dade Community College and Broward Community College. For more information, see the Completion Outcomes section of the Adult Programs area of our web site. Specifically, look at the articulation agreements and college credits sections on that page.

Can I Complete High School At MLEC&TC?
There are several programs that may be able to assist you in completing high school. The G.E.D. specialist can assist you in preparing for the General Educational Development equivalency diploma. There is also a program for Adult Basic Education, called A.B.E.

Is Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College An Accredited School?
Absolutely. Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. The C.O.E. is a nationally-recognized accreditation agency which may be contacted using the following information:

Council on Occupational Education
7840 Roswell Road Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta, Georgia 30350
 (770) 396.3898 or (800) 917.2081 |  fax: (770) 396.3790

MLEC&TC is also part of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. That means we operate under the guidance of the Florida Department of Education and that every instructor has a teaching certificate issued by the local school board or the State of Florida.
Can Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College Provide Financial Aid? Is MLEC approved for Veteran’s?
As a fully accredited school, financial aid is available to students attending Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College. Veterans are welcome at the school and most programs are approved for VA benefits. Whether or not you will qualify for financial aid or VA benefits for training is dependant on many things – your employment status, family income, and other factors. It is best to speak with the financial aid officer or VA representative personally about your specific situation. You may also find assistance on the Financial Aid page of our website.

Why Do I have To Be Tested In Math, Language, and Reading?
The state of Florida mandates that any student attending a course of 250 hours or more at a public school must be tested in math, reading, and language. Each course has specific, state-mandated guidelines on the minimum educational requirements needed to graduate. Testing assures that a student meets those minimum requirements and allows us to provide them with assistance in reaching those levels if testing shows them to need help in one of the listed areas.

Can I Register For Classes Online?
Not at this time.

Does The Center Offer Distance Learning Or Online Courses?
Distance learning and online courses are not offered through Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College.