Media Center

7 a.m. – 2:20 p.m., Monday – Friday

Select from our interesting collection of more than twenty thousand books. Search our Destiny catalog now!

Keep up to date with The Miami Times, and USA Today.

Browse through copies of Auto week, PC Magazine, Popular Science, and many more.

Technical Books
An excellent selection of books related to your subject area that may be borrowed for a period of two weeks.

Reference Books
A specialized collection of auto manuals, occupational reference manuals, and more.

Recreational Reading
Paperback books to borrow for relaxing and reading

Computer Resources
Learn valuable computer skills using the varied computer resources available to you.

Internet Connections
Utilize the power of the computer and the resources of the World Wide Web to obtain information on many subjects. Online databases (via the school district, Florida Electronic Library, the Miami-Dade County Public Library System, and others) provide access to reliable research resources.

Automotive Manuals
With the Mitchell auto manuals on CD-ROM, searching for information on car repairs becomes an easy task.

Educational Tutorials
Self paced learning programs for electronics, air conditioning, typing, and automotive test preparation are available to students.

Computer Applications
Use the media center computers to practice the skills learned in class.

Word Processing
Computers and printers are available for students to type reports and practice business letters.

Utilize computers to prepare resumes and perform job searches.

Video Resources
There are hundreds of video titles related to electronics, computers, software applications, automotive repairs, television production, nursing, careers and job skills, and more. Students may select and view these videos in the library media center as a class assignment or on their own time.

Monthly workshops designed to help students deal with technological issues ranging from logging into school computers and accessing the student portal to utilizing advanced features of Microsoft Word to enhance student documents.