Ability to Benefit

It is the philosophy of Miami Lakes Educational Center to offer career technical education to everyone. However, it is recognized that everyone is not ready to immediately benefit from the training offered.

Therefore, the following procedure has been established to ensure that students have the “Ability-to-Benefit” from our programs:

  • If students have a high school diploma, they are presumed to have their “Ability-to-Benefit”.
  • If applicants do not have a high school diploma, the counselor will arrange for students to take an approved standardized test to determine the “Ability-to-Benefit”.
  • If test scores so indicate, remedial classes will be added to the applicant’s curriculum of study until the prescribed remediation is completed.
  • Applicants will be allowed to retake tests as prescribed by district policy.
  • Students admitted under “Ability-to-Benefit” may have their eligibility for certain types of financial aid affected by their test scores.