Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

SAP is a required measurement of a student’s academic progress towards their academic goal. Progress must be measured by both grade-based (qualitative) and time/pace of completion (quantitative) standards. For programs lasting one year or less, SAP must be accessed at the end of each payment period. For programs lasting more than one year, SAP must be assessed annually corresponding with the end of a payment period. SAP must be measured cumulatively.

The Code of Federal Regulations, CFR 668.34 requires that schools establish satisfactory progress standards and policy for students applying for and receiving federal aid. This regulation requires that the Financial Aid Office review all periods of a student’s enrollment history to determine if a student is making satisfactory academic progress towards an educational objective. The policy must include grade requirements (qualitative) and pace of completion (quantitative) standards.

The Satisfactory Academic Progress form must be utilized by the Financial Aid Officers in order to document and monitor students’ progress at the successful completion of 67% of the maximum scheduled hours for which the student is enrolled. The Satisfactory Academic Progress Report form (FM 5431) is completed by teachers and returned to the Financial Aid Officer. It will indicate the student’s current attendance data as reflected in the Electronic Gradebook and their pace towards program completion, as well as the student’s current grade based on weekly academic assessments derived from class/shop work, externships, and other practicum which appear in the electronic gradebook as well as in the district’s Vocational Tracking System (VTS). The school’s Registrar will confirm a student’s attendance to ensure they have successfully completed the 67% of the maximum scheduled hours for which they are enrolled.

The Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria that are expected from all students are as follows:

  • Satisfactorily attain a minimum grade of “C” or better or GPA of 2.0 and above
  • Satisfactorily complete outcomes to finish the program within 150% of the length of the program
  • Successfully complete 67% of the maximum scheduled hours for which the student is enrolled
  • The number of payment periods for which students will be awarded financial aid will be limited by the number of hours required to complete the program.
  • The period of eligibility commences from the date students enter the program
  • The quantitative measure is based on the calendar time and based on the student’s clock hours.

Clock Hour Pace Example:

  • At 450 scheduled hours, student completed 300 hours: 300/450= 67%,
  • Expressed in calendar time, 10 weeks/15 weeks = 67 %.
  • If this criterion is not met, the student is no longer eligible for financial aid and their award will be canceled.

If a student fails to make Satisfactory Academic Progress as reflected on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Report form, a meeting will be held with the student and the Financial Aid Officer. The student will be placed on “Financial Aid Warning” for one payment period. The Financial Aid Officer will closely monitor the student’s progress. The student is eligible to continue receiving financial aid.

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