Payment Schedule

  • Financial aid disbursements are scheduled as students meet requirements in accordance with, Chapter 3 of the current Federal Student Aid Handbook and Chapter 1 of Federal Student Aid Blue Book that can be accessed at
  • Payment periods for full-time and part-time programs are scheduled as follows:
    1. For programs of 900 hours or more in length, the payment period is 450 hours representing half of the academic year.
    2. For programs that are 899 to 600 hours in length, the payment period is half of the program length.
  • The award year is dependent upon the date of the application for financial aid made by a student and the first day of attendance. Multiple disbursements may be made within a single payment period; however, making multiple disbursements within a payment period does not create a new or additional payment period.
  • A student is ineligible when it becomes mathematically impossible for him or her to complete a program within 150% of the length of the hours scheduled for the program.
  • Disbursements will not be approved unless the student meets the criteria to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

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