Special Support Programs

The Technical Resource Center is a remedial support service class designed to assist individuals improve their basic skills in math, reading and language arts. Our classes are designed to address the unique needs of each student and to allow the student to progress as rapidly as possible. A comfortable student/teacher relationship is established to reduce anxiety and motivate students. Instructional materials utilized in the T.R.C. Lab include textbooks, computer-assisted instructional programs, interactive multimedia programs, filmstrips, seminars, video tapes, and worksheets.

Within the lab there are several types of classes:

Adult Basic Education

The purpose of this program is to provide basic literacy and life skills for students performing at or below the eighth grade level (0.0 – 8.9). The program content develops basic literacy skills in all areas and prepares the student for entry into a vocational program.

General Education Development

The purpose of this program is to provide instruction in all necessary skills needed to successfully pass the official GED Test (9.0 and above grade level). We strive to motivate students not only to obtain a GED, but also to utilize their acquired skills in the workforce and to achieve career and vocational training and job placement success. Students passing the official GED test will be awarded a State of Florida High School Diploma.

Vocational Preparatory Instruction

The purpose of this program is to provide vocational preparatory instruction to students while integrating academics with the student’s vocational program of study (6.0 grade levels or higher). The system is based upon the assessed needs of each individual and academic and employability requirements related to Florida’s comprehensive Vocational Education programs. Providing the vocational student with instruction in basic academics skills help them fulfill the State Required Testing Levels for their Vocational Program.

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