Certificate of Completion

Students who have successfully completed all course requirements including basic skills requirements of the program will be issued a certificate of completion which includes the name of the career technical program and the total hours of the course or program.

State Board of Education Rules identifies the basic skills requirements for post-secondary-adult career technical education programs. These requirements are as follows:

  • All students who are enrolled in a career and technical (vocational) program of 450 hours or more, except where indicated, shall complete a basic skills test within the first six (6) weeks from the time of entry (enrollment) into the program.

The examination designated by Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the Test of Adult Basic Education (T.A.B.E.). The exceptions being:

  • Students possessing an Associate of Applied Science degree or higher, or who have passed the College-Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) and/or who are exempt from the college entry-level examination do not require basic skills testing. Students must present an official copy of the degree, transcript, and/or documentation of test scores as evidence of the above.
  • Students enrolled in programs of 450 hours or more that require a state, national, or industry licensure exam as identified by the Department of Education, Workforce Education, for employment must be tested within the first six weeks weeks after they enroll. If upon program completion, the student documents passage of the licensure exam, the basic skills exit requirement is waived.

Minimum basic skills grade levels in reading, mathematics and language are defined for each technical or vocational program. These basic skills are exit requirements from those programs. They are not used for entry or placement (see program description for required basic skills levels)

  • Students who lack the required minimal level of basic skills as measured by the designated examination shall be provided with instruction specifically designed to correct the deficiencies.
  • Upon completion of the instruction which is tailored to meet the individual needs, students shall be retested by using the same examination that was used for initial testing.

Adult students with disabilities may require testing modifications. However, consideration of modification requires the student to provide written documentation verifying the disability. Testing Modifications may include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Flexible setting
  • Flexible responding
  • Flexible presentation

Students possessing a standard high school diploma from a Florida public school with graduation year of 2007 or later.

Students entering the ABE or GED programs are required to take the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) for placement.

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