Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College


Anyone who is at least 16 years of age and not currently enrolled in a secondary program may apply for the adult training programs. To be eligible, students must either be withdrawn from high school or have graduated from high school. Students enrolled in a vocational program of 450 hours or more must demonstrate specific levels of reading, language and mathematic competency prior to receiving a certificate of completion from a vocational program. Students may obtain general information and an application for admission by visiting the center between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday. The center charges a $15 application fee for any first time vocational student.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Prospective students obtain an application from the receptionist.  Once the application is completed, the student is scheduled to see a counselor.
  2. The student meets with a guidance counselor, who assists him/her with determining an appropriate program, gives specific information on basic skills testing requirement and provides the registration form.  Students who may require assistance with paying their tuition are provided with information about securing financial assistance directly from the federal government or from local agencies.
  3. A student wishing to apply for financial aid is scheduled to see a financial aid officer, who will provide specific instructions for eligible students.
  4. All other students are directed to a registration clerk, who will process the application.
  5. Students are then directed to the cashier where the tuition fee required for the requested course or program is paid.
  6. Once these steps are completed, the student is given specific information about reporting to class.


Registration and Enrollment

Registration follows the guidelines as delineated in Florida State Board Rule 6A-10.0381, Registration of Adult Students, and the Vocational Adult and Community System (VACS) manual. Enrollment in adult education programs is limited to individuals who are beyond compulsory school age and have legally withdrawn from school, or a high school student who is taking an adult course required for high school graduation as defined in Section 1004.02, Florida Statutes.

Community based organizations that serve students with disabilities are required to provide written documentation verifying the disabling condition. This documentation must be kept on file at the adult center for audit purposes.

Services for traditional post-secondary adult students with disabilities are provided in the regular adult/career technical classroom. They are provided to students who self-identify and request accommodations. Once self-identified, the students must provide written documentation verifying the disabling condition. This documentation must be kept on file at the adult center for audit purposes. The District will provide, on a case-by-case basis, waivers, accommodations, and reasonable course substitutions in meeting the admission and graduation requirements for students with disabilities. The accommodations are provided via The Section 504 Accommodation Plan for Postsecondary Adult/Vocational Education Students.


Verification of Florida Residency

As a result of Florida Statute 1009.21, which took effect on July, 1, 2010, and Florida Statute 1009.22, which became effective on July 1, 2011, students seeking to enroll in adult general education and/or career/technical courses where tuition fees are assessed, must show proof of Florida residency. Students who can show proof of Florida residency will be eligible for the in-state tuition fees. Students who cannot show proof of residency will be charged out-of-state fees. Florida residency for tuition purposes is defined as documented proof that a student has lived or resided in the state of Florida for twelve (12) consecutive months. It in no way refers to other definitions of residency established by other entities, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Verification of Florida residency must be accomplished by the use of form FM-7425 (Rev. 6-11). This form contains the ID codes and descriptions necessary to qualify for in-state tuition. Applicants attempting to establish Florida residency, must present two of the required documents as outlined in the form’s guidelines. Applicants that meet the residency requirement must also complete and sign a Florida Residency Affidavit, FM-6909, Rev. (3/12). Applicants that do not meet the residency requirements upon initial registration that request to be reclassified as residents in the future, must present three of the required documents outlined in FM-7425. These applicants must also complete and sign a Request for Residency Reclassification Form, FM-6910 (Rev. 12/11). Forms can be located at


Registration Procedures

  • Verified Florida Residents
    During the registration process, it is the responsibility of school staff to visually inspect the documents produced to show proof of residency. Copies of these documents should not be retained. Upon verification that an applicant meets the requirements of Florida Residency for Tuition purposes, the appropriate codes must be entered into the VACS system.Note that verification of Florida residency is not necessary for students that were enrolled in an adult education program during any part of the 2010-2011 school year. These students have been programmatically “grandfathered” in.
  • Unverified Florida Residents
    Applicants that claim to live in Florida, but can only produce one form of documentation, will be coded in the VACS system in accordance with the instructions contained on form FM 7425. These applicants will pay out of state tuition fees.
  • Non-Florida Residents
    There will be no residency ID codes entered into VACS for Non-Florida residents. These applicants will pay out-of-state tuition fees.
  • Non-U.S. Residents
    Applicants that are from a country other than the United States may present one form of documentation that show that they temporarily live in Florida. These students would be coded in VACS the same way as an unverified Florida resident and must pay out of state tuition. Applicants that cannot provide any form of documentation except a visa (and do not have an E# which has been entered by Attendance Services) will be enrolled in VACS using the appropriate “U” or “S” code.Since Florida residency requirements directly affect state and federal funding, any attempt by staff to counsel, direct, or inform students as to methods of avoiding the legally established non-resident fees other than the prescribed methods of documentation above, may constitute fraud. This violation may result in termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution.