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Ability to Benefit

It is the philosophy of Miami Lakes Educational Center to offer career technical education to everyone. However, it is recognized that everyone is not ready to immediately benefit from the training offered.

Therefore, the following procedure has been established to ensure that students have the “Ability-to-Benefit” from our programs:

  • If students have a high school diploma, they are presumed to have their “Ability-to-Benefit”.
  • If applicants do not have a high school diploma, the counselor will arrange for students to take an approved standardized test to determine the “Ability-to-Benefit”.
  • If test scores so indicate, remedial classes will be added to the applicant’s curriculum of studyuntil the prescribed remediation is completed.
  • Applicants will be allowed to retake tests as prescribed by district policy.
  • Students admitted under “Ability-to-Benefit” may have their eligibility for certain types of financial aid affected by their test scores.

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Academic Progress of Students

If a student fails to show progress or lacks the ability to benefit from instruction, the student may be referred to counseling for a program reevaluation. The student may be referred to other programs within the institution if the counselor feels that the student will be better served by other programs.

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Academic Year

The academic year is divided into three trimesters of approximately 16 weeks in length. The first trimester begins in early September and ends in the mid-December. The second trimester begins the first week in January and ends in late April. The third trimester begins in late April and ends in mid-August.

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Anyone at least 16 years of age, and not enrolled in the secondary program, may enter the adult post-secondary training programs. Students must be withdrawn from high school, or must have graduated from high school before they are eligible to enroll as an adult. Students enrolled in a  career technical program of 450 hours or more must demonstrate specific levels of reading, language and mathematical competency prior to receiving a certificate of completion from a career technical program. Students may obtain information and an application for admission from the Center between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Fridays. The Center does charges a non-refundable $15.00 application fee.

The application process is as follows:

  1. The student obtains an application from the receptionist, completes it and is scheduled to see a counselor.
  2. The counselor assists the student in determining the program in which he/she wishes to enroll, gives the student the registration form, and refers the student to a registration clerk.
  3. The student is processed by the registration clerk.
  4. The registration clerk directs the student to the cashier where the tuition fee is paid.
  5. If the student wishes to apply for financial aid, he/she is directed to the Center’s Financial Aid Office. If the student qualifies for financial aid, instructions will be given by the Financial Aid officer.
  6. Once these steps are completed, the student is given information on reporting to class and basic skills testing information.

Admission for Visa Students
Visa students are welcome to attend Miami Lakes Educational Center. However, some guidelines are noteworthy regarding the processing of such students:

1. All Visa students must be processed through the Foreign Student Office prior to reporting to Miami Lakes Educational Center for registration. Inquiries must be directed to:
Foreign Student Advisor
489 East Drive
Miami Springs, Florida 33166
(305) 883-1445
2. Visa student fees are assessed by the District, and may vary depending on the length and type of training program.Visa students are not permitted to enroll in any program which requires students to be gainfully employed as a part of the training. Visa students without a Unites States Social Security Number will be required to obtain an Alien Identification Number.

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Students absent from class six (6) consecutive class sessions are dropped automatically from class rolls. Any number of absences which interfere with academic progress may be grounds for excluding a student from class. A student who registers for a class and does not show up for the class by the third meeting, will be withdrawn from class.

Time missed from class due to tardiness will be deducted on the following basis:

  • Tardy over 15 minutes – one half hour deducted
  • Tardy over 45 minutes – one hour deducted

Students applying for or receiving financial aid have specific attendance requirements. The policies pertaining to attendance for financial aid recipients are distributed to each student by the Financial Aid Office when they apply for aid.

Students displaying excessive tardiness may be referred for counseling. If they do not improve, they may be placed on probation and/or dropped from the class.

Attendance policies for veterans receiving benefits for attending school are covered in a brochure distributed to each veteran at the time of enrollment. These brochures are available in the registration department and may be obtained upon request.

Read the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Post Secondary Code of Student Conduct.

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Dress Code

The primary purpose of the Center is to prepare students for employment. Students are required to be neat and clean in appearance while attending classes. Items of dress which are objectionable in the area of health and safety, noise, or classroom disturbance, are prohibited. The following are not permitted:

  • Messages, pictures or symbols on clothing which portray:
    • drugs, smoking or alcohol
    • violence, guns or hate
    • sex or profanity
  • Hats, caps and bandanas
  • Sunglasses
  • See-through blouses without camisole
  • See-through shirt without an undershirt
  • Bare-backs, bare midriffs
  • Halters, tube tops or off the shoulder tops
  • Sleeveless undershirts
  • Shorts, skorts or capri pants
  • Oversized pants
  • Bedroom slippers
  • Clogs, thong sandals or shoes without back straps
  • Taps on shoes

The Center will make determinations as to the appropriateness of clothing. For certain programs, students are required to wear uniforms and/or safety apparel appropriate for the training area in which they are enrolled.

Read the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Post Secondary Code of Student Conduct.

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Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Upon withdrawal, fees are refunded as follows:

Withdrawal after registration, but before classes begin:
Refund of fees paid.

Withdrawal after the class begins but without the student attending class:
Refund of fees paid.

Withdrawal before the end of two full weeks (14 calendar days) after classes begin or when the student registers for the class after the class has started:
Refund of 50% of fees paid. (Students attending any portion of a class will only receive 50%).

Withdrawal two full weeks (14 calendar days) after classes begin:
No refund of fees.

Withdrawal for administrative reasons:
If the student is withdrawn from the school as a result of administrative action, not involving disciplinary reasons, the student is entitled to a prorated refund.

Withdrawal from the school as a result of administrative action involving disciplinary reasons:
The student is not entitled to a refund.

Withdrawal because of class closing:
If a class is closed due to low enrollment and cannot be combined with a similar class, the student may transfer to a similar class in another Miami-Dade County Adult Education Center without further charge, or the student’s fees will be refunded on a prorated basis.

The refund is paid by check or credited to the student’s credit card, depending on how the tuition was originally paid.

Title IV programs’ withdrawal policy is in accordance with Federal guidelines.

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Standard of Conduct

Students may be expelled for conduct reflecting discredit to the students, the Center, or the Community. Behaviors which will be considered grounds for dismissal of a student are:

  • Willful disobedience
  • Open defiance of authority of a member of the staff
  • Violence against personal property
  • Profane or indecent language or behavior
  • Smoking on campus
  • Attending class under the influence of alcohol, illegal mood modifiers, or the possession of either
  • Improper conduct causing disturbances in the classroom, hallways, or other places on the school premises
  • Tampering with fire equipment, safety and evacuation signs, or the setting off of a false fire alarm
  • The possession and/or use of weapons (a firearm or any other object which can be used to threaten or injure another individual) by a student on the Center’s campus will result in a recommendation for expulsion from the Center.

Read the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Post Secondary Code of Student Conduct.

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Students who transfer between programs do so by seeing a counselor and initiating a “Request for Transfer” form. This form is signed by the counselor and both sending and receiving instructors. The form is taken back to the counselor and the Student Services Administrator, who approves or disapproves the transfer. If approved, the student is directed to the registration office where the transfer is processed. Students transferring to a higher priced class will be required to pay the difference at the time of the transfer. Students transferring to a lower-priced class will:

  • WILL BE entitled to a refund of the difference if transfer occurs within two weeks from the date of registration.
  • WILL NOT be entitled to a refund if transfer occurs after two weeks from the date of registration. If a student has received a refund for a class and wishes to re-enroll, the student’s tuition will be charged according to the fee schedule in effect at that time.

Students desiring to be transferred from other institutions must request an official copy of their transcript from the sending institution. The transcript is then evaluated to determine appropriate placement and number of credits accepted. The student would then be directed to complete the enrollment process for the requested program.

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